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Braving the Industry


The Braving the Industry Podcast aims to provide perspective on the AAA industry from the viewpoint of two artists who are just starting their journey's.

Currently, the majority of industry discussion, whether it be through talks, tutorials, or podcasts, typically comes from industry members with a large amount of experience and skill. This professional gap can make it difficult to connect and picture how they got to where they are. You never hear about the journey. This disconnect and uncertainty made it difficult for Eirik and I to determine if we were on the right paths. As a result, we made it our mission to fill this "gap" in order to determine our own routes to success and to help others find their own. We aim to provide others with our experiences, failures and triumphs to fill this void, and help you find your own way in the Industry.

This podcast is a collaborative project between Armand Mech and Eirik Murbræch.

We are glad that you have chosen to Brave the Industry too.

Braving the Industry Episode.14 + Spencer Harrill : Game Design and Books

Guest: Spencer Harrill
His Twitter: @SpencerHarrill

Braving the Industry Episode.13 + Just Us : Back at it Again

Guest: NA
Their Twitter: NA
Their Instagram: NA
Their Website: NA

Braving the Industry Episode.12 + Armand and Eirik : Revamp

Eirik and I revisit the roots of the podcast. In this episode we look at our most recent projects in a retrospective. What worked, what didn't and how they both managed to land us jobs.

Braving the Industry Episode.11 + Sam Elkana : Adjusting for the Industry

Braving the Industry Episode.10 + Connor Fischer : Illustration

Guest: Connor Fischer
His Twitter:
His Instagram:
His Website:

Braving the Industry Episode.09 + Danielle Rainey : Project Management 

Guest: Danielle Rainey
Her Twitter:
Her Website:

Braving the Industry Episode.08 + Katherine Elliott : Stylized Illustration

Guest: Katherine Elliott
Her Twitter:
Her Website:

Braving the Industry Episode.07 + P.J. Tremblay : The Importance of Sound Design

Guest: P.J. Tremblay
His Twitter:
His Website:

Braving the Industry Episode.06 + Filipe Seabra : Game Design and UI/UX

Guest: Filipe Seabra
His Twitter:
The UX talk:
Celia Hodent's website:

Braving the Industry Episode.05 + Jake Nissen : Fun

Guest: Jake Nissen
His Twitter:
His Website:

Braving the Industry Episode.04 + Stefano Della Croce : Diligence

Guest: Stefano Della Croce
His Twitter:

Braving the Industry Episode.03 : Organization

Featured Artist: Henrik Evensen
Image with notes :

Braving the Industry Episode.02 : Attitude

Braving the Industry Episode.01 : Our Perspective