Armand Mech
Environment Designer & Artist


My name is Armand Mech and this is what I believe.


What I believe

I believe in creating great experiences though compelling art and design. I believe that a games environment is just as important as it's design, and that no detail should go overlooked. Everything needs justification, a reason.

Of course time constraints and the complexity of a game prevent us from creating perfect designs, but that does not mean we shouldn't strive for them.


Who I am

I am an Environment Designer, 3D artist and consumer of potato salad. I enjoy petting dogs and sketching bad portraits. 


What I do

Anything you need me to. Although skill set lies predominantley in environment design and hard surface modelling, those skills do not define my limits as a creator. I am always looking to learn a new tool or study a new pipeline if it means I can make something new.